10 Times Our Childhood and Youth Proved to Be a Colorful Time

Nostalgia in a broad sense is a sentimentality for the past, something that is associated with happy memories. When we look at photos from our childhood or our youth, we often have this feeling. But some pictures from the past are really funny as well as warm and kind. We were really cool when we were young, we had crazy fashion and were ready to do anything insane — and these photos prove it!

Bright Side has collected pictures of users from the Internet that will help you remember how cool and trendy you used to be.

Was this a way to show off his fit legs?

These glasses and this hairstyle…

Men’s fashion from the ’80s, please don’t ever return!

The ’90s were a really bright time for this little guy.

“In the 4th grade, I was too badass for just one wristwatch.”

Best school photo ever

When you want to be as cool as Jean-Claude Van Damme:

“At the age of 13, I fancied myself as a metal screamer.”

“I still don’t understand why girls just wanted to be friends with me in high school circa 2002.”

The coolest senior picture ever, right?