Creative and Funny Ways Airports and Airlines Can Surprise You

A person spends about six months of their precious life sitting in traffic and the average British person spends a year of their life commuting. Although air travel is the fastest mode of public transportation nowadays, it can still be hectic for multiple reasons. And evidently, not every airport is as dull as you think it is.

Here at Bright Side, we put together a list of the airports which understand you better and are taking an extra step to make themselves cooler with creativity and wit.

This airport in New Zealand has set the bars of awesomeness a little higher.

Fire extinguishers disguised as scuba diving tanks at the Jakarta airport, in Indonesia.

A sign by the airport in Helsinki, Finland

The simulated night sky on a red-eye flight

Free tampons and pads at the airport in Columbus, OH

Delta ordered pizza for the entire plane because the flight was delayed due to bad weather.

Munich airport provides ’NapCabs’ for short naps at the airport.

In the lobby of the San Jose International Airport, there is a piano, and next to this piano is a sign reading “Entertain if you will, but please, be gentle with the keys.”