13 Pictures That Will Give You Some Food for Thought

Interesting things are waiting for us everywhere. Sometimes you just have to look closer and use your imagination. This is how you can spot a dinosaur on a dog’s neck, see how a mannequin “grows a mustache”, or see a coffee table turning into the moon. This collection of pictures will show you some regular objects from an unexpected angle.

Bright Side collected 23 pictures that will make your imagination work to the fullest.

The most unusual bench

The combination of the lights and the carpet literally causes an optical illusion.

You have to look twice.

There’s a dinosaur on this dog’s back.

These city street lamps are shaped like the Starship Enterprise: “to infinity and beyond.”

Walking in this forest is not recommended for people with an active imagination.

Where does the dog stop and the carpet begin?

Hey radiator, you’re drunk, go home.

Would you like to sit on a pile of books?

“My smashed thumb nail looks like a steaming bowl of soup.”

This watermelon has a mustache.

A mini-train near the railway station

This cup of coffee is also shocked about how early you woke up.