5 Easy Natural Ways to Firm and Shape Your Breasts

A large part of the desire for “perfect” breasts is appearance, but in reality your concern should be for something much more important: your health.

Bright Side shares with you important advice for knowledgeable ladies. Take note, and you’ll keep your breasts beautiful and full for a long time to come.

Wash in cold water

An ice-cold shower may not be very pleasant, but it’s crucial for skin tone. If you can’t do that every day, apply ice cubes or a cold gauze pad to your breasts.

Keep your back straight

When you stoop, you don’t just make your breasts less attractive to look at, you also relax your breast muscles. Try to always keep your shoulders straight — it’s good both for your muscle tone and your appearance.

Avoid pressure on your breasts

Try not to sleep on your breasts, and always choose underwear that fits. A bra that seemingly pushes your breasts up and makes your cleavage sexier is, in fact, terribly harmful for them. It makes you feel uncomfortable and disrupts your blood flow.

Do sports correctly

Jogging, aerobics, and other active sports may be good for your overall shape and well-being, but they can be harmful for your breasts, as sharp movements lead to soft tissue damage. The only solution is, once again, the correct sportswear. Never run or jump without a special bra.

Avoid the sun

Abusing tanning, especially without sunscreen, results in dryness of the skin and loss of its elasticity. Lying topless on a sunbed or the beach is not a good idea if you want to keep the shape of your breasts.