RIP Paul Walker: 10 Roles That Aren’t Brian O’ Conner

Sad news crushed the hearts of netizens over the weekend when word spread online that actor Paul Walker had died in a fiery and tragic car crash.

Even sadder was the fact that Walker was out on this drive just minutes after helping raise money and awareness for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Famous for the Fast and Furious franchise, the 40-year-old actor met an untimely demise when the 2005 Porsche Carerra GT driven by his buddy, racing pro Roger Rodus, crashed into a light post and burst into flames.

May their souls rest in peace.

Walker breathed life into F&F’s Brian O’Conner, giving new meaning to the adage “ride or die.”

And as the empathizing, street racing cop, he gained legions of fans that helped catapult the franchise into a multi-sequel-spawning box-office force.

Despite his passion for burning rubber, Paul Walker did share his talents in a number of other flicks that flew under the radar.

We pay tribute to the man by looking back at his other notable characters who took a backseat to the charismatic adrenaline junkie O’Conner.


Early on in his career, Walker played the resident high school jock of the fictional black-and-white town that Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire magically penetrate.

His world (and the conservative reality the titular TV show moves in) is flipped into one of bright colors when Witherspoon’s and Maguire’s Mary Sue and Bud start introducing its people to modern concepts of liberation.

Skip gets his awakening when Mary Sue decides to rip the polite Skip of his virginity card.


It’s no surprise that Walker tends to get cast as popular athletes.

His all-American good looks–the blue eyes, blonde hair, and chiseled cheekbones–can make any cheerleader offer up her pompoms.

Though the infamous whipped cream scene of Ali Larter is what stayed in every man’s mind (and for good reason), the honeys also remember Walker’s sensitive star quarterback.


If the chicks loved him for Varsity Blues, they surely abhorred his guts in this teen rom-com.

As A-group bully Dean, he challenges Freddie Prinze’s Zack into nabbing Rachel Leigh Cook’s nerdy Laney Boggs. The lesson to be learned here: True men don’t make bets for a woman’s heart.

Oh, and girls in glasses can be hot as hell.


This underrated fraternity thriller saw Walker stepping into the shoes of a new pledge, who together with costar Joshua Jackson’s Luke McNamara, enters The Skulls organization to further the potential of their future’s success.

When they discover dangerous conspiracies within the group, their lives are threatened, testing their morals and how far they would go to secure their own personal goals.


Cars really seem to be a huge part of our main man’s career. In the not-so-popular JJ Abram’s-penned Joy Ride, a road trip home from college turns into a game of cat and mouse with a murderous trucker after a CB radio prank goes awry.

Together with hot tart Leelee Sobiesky and the always-hilarious Steve Zahn, Walker tries to evade twisted metal courtesy of Rusty Nail, this behind-the-wheel slasher’s enraged killer.