NBC Universal’s Zionist Moles Fake Paul Walker Death to Make More Money

Regarding the faking of the death of Paul Walker it was NBC Universal, that is its subsidiary, Universal Studios, which was behind it. In other words, this was not merely an isolated action taken by Walker and his associates. Hollywood itself was the real force responsible for it. Walker could not have done it on his own.

It was done to create an increased awareness of the Fast and Furious movie franchise, in which PW was featured, in order to increase sales for the upcoming DVD as well as future movie performances. Celebrity deaths, real or otherwise, have increased demand and sales for related products, and Zionist-controlled Hollywood is well aware of this.

They thought they got away with it. Apparently, they do not realize the power of the Internet, along with investigative research. The images always reveal the truth about whether an even is fake or not. This one is fake, and there is no doubt about it. It’s a monumental act. Walker alone couldn’t have pulled it off.

Have no mistake about the power of Hollywood. It is fully capable of doing it and has the assets to do so at every conceivable level. This includes making special deals with the County Coroner’s office as well as local law enforcement and fire.

The focus on tribute pictures, such as the one above, has been on Paul Walker, Sr., and the various Fast and Furious co-stars with their smiles, smirks, and supercilious behavior. Yet, one of our posters observed an element far more revealing. It is the woman in the dark top with the manila-colored scarf. That’s Donna Langley, the current Chairman of Universal Studios:

Here is Langley with all the other heavy hitters of the Studio, again in relation to the Fast and Furious franchise:

How could this, then, be achieved without the acquiescence of Langley as well as her superiors, including Meyer? Surely, too, the director Lin contributed to the hoax as did, as is well established, all the co-stars.

Too, the funding for the faking of Walker’s death, as well as the various actors and players, must surely have been under the auspices of the Studio.

It takes money – and connections, in other words, power – to fake a death of such a relatively high-profile person. It also takes powerful connections to cover it up, that is to prevent its revelation.

The area had to be blocked off. Moulage moles had to be brought into play to dress up the dummies. Photographers and bloggers had to be brought to bear.

TMZ needed to be coached/coordinated as the launching pad, supporting by a litany of other fraudsters and hucksters who would blog and tweet on behalf of Universal Studios to support the phony event.

Fake security had to be hired to pose as legitimate law enforcement such as the man seen in the image below:

Coordination by such powerful ones had to be achieved with the coroner’s office; otherwise, the hoax wouldn’t hold.

No easy achievement, it all had to be carefully and systematically coordinated, Zionist-style.

It was, therefore, Zionist-owned and operated Universal Studio which was behind this orchestration. Moreover, it was done purely for nefarious motives.