The Hollywood Props and Prop Stars of the Paul Walker Hoax

The deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas simply did not occur. The car crash was faked. It simply did not happen. Even so, it is not possible to fake a car crash, as proven by the Hollywood-style pyrotechnic moles surrounding the scene, setting the vehicle on fire, and, then, still have actual fatalities in that car.

It’s one or the other: fake or real but never both.

It was all an elaborate hoax conducted by the various tightly connected elements, including Paul Walker’s friends and a former girlfriend, the various cohorts of the Fast and Furious clique, along with the agents and fraudsters of Universal Studios.

It was not by any means a low-budget operation. It require the presence of producers, stunt men, pyrotechnicians, and also police and fire department officials. After all, they were setting fire to a car in a public place, and there are risks, including risks to people. Fire/rescue had to be called and put into place, the evidence for this being extensive.

CORRECTION: The fire truck were there in advance, that is for sure, but not in the parking lot,. rather, at the phony accident site.

What’s it the reason for them being there? There is no reason for their presence other than as an element of the plot and hoax.

During the early phases of the propped up fire the following image could be seen, which is a most incredible finding. It is an actual fire truck in position on-site, even before the flames were roaring:

The same fire truck is seen here (with the arrow pointing to a man who is aiming his left arm straight out):

…and also here:

This is a crucial finding and on its own acts as hard proof of a hoax. The point is that there was no fire at the time that the fire truck was initially seen. There was only the pyrotechnic burst, following by smoke, some of which arose from smoke bombs (Note: the fire truck was there before the pyrotechnic matter was ignited, which is a requirement for any such fake fire-based event):

The smoke bombs were real and, like all such Hollywood props, non-toxic, as can be demonstrated by the large crowd of PW moles huddled next to the matter as it is emitted:

There is also, of note, a line-up of cars, including high-end sports cars, parked rather neatly along the left side (right screen) of the road.

It was Walker mole Herrera who was responsible for the uploading of many of these images. Once again, there is no fire, yet there are plenty of prop agents standing close to the vehicle, in this case a group in a huddle. No one seems to be concerned about the burning to death of their friends.

Nor were the people operating the fire truck the least bit concerned. They allowed the pyrotechnic hoax flames to stoke to the maximum, paying no heed to any danger, to human or otherwise:

No one can see a fireman anywhere near this scene, only prop stars toting non-used fire extinguishers such as the man in the white shirt.

Yet, the fire truck is right there, complete with its firemen watching over the pyrotechnic display:

Note the obvious fire extinguisher in-hand, which would be played up extensively by Zionist-controlled media outlets, especially the various Hollywood gossip sites, like TMZ. It would detract from the plot to have the firemen involved at this time. The Hollywood-style heroes had to gain preeminence initially, committing acts bigger than life. This includes fake heroes such as Our Man Newt, who in a panic to safe his best friend and comrade Paul Walker purportedly reached into the fire with his bare hands, burning both arms:

Poor Newt, they virtually had to choke the stunt man to death to get him away from the fake fires:

It also includes the actor-firemen, doing their great duty, attempting to put out the fire and ‘save lives:’

Once again, the social media upload is from Walker and Universal Studios mole Herrera. Yet, when the pyrotechnic metals were burning red hot to the extreme, such men where nowhere to be found, despite the fact that they and there vehicle were only a few feet away.

Too, there were plenty of inanimate props fixed into the imagery. Returning to a previous, the image lightened up:

Two fire extinguishers can be seen, including one placed at the side of the curb. It must be remembered, here, that the fire truck is on-site, just off-screen, though no one is doing anything to douse the ‘flames.’

It was all planned well in advance, with Walker himself giving a hint of the scheme just prior to its orchestration:

Walker is saying, essentially, that he, as well as Rodas, with plenty of money in their hands, can do whatever the want, regardless of the consequences.

The key to the fraud was the attempt by the hoaxers to make a realistic simulation of a car crash plus a crash-related fire, an act requiring an extensive degree of fraud and deception. It was all achieved through a kind of magic-like display, complete with all the standard props and prop agents as is typical of a Hollywood-style scene.

It has already been established, here, that the crash and fire were faked, proven by the advanced presence of fire department vehicles. All, now, that is needed is to analyze just how the hoax was achieved.

Initially, even before the uploading of cell phone images by Herrara and others the orchestrators attempted to create verification of the event through CCTV images. These were uploaded and disseminated by gossip sites and social media. One such image is as follows, which shows a pyrotechnic explosion, the initial one before the smoke is disseminated. Note the whitish-yellow detonation denoted in the circle, which is nothing other than the ignition of magnesium and/or other pyrotechnic mineral salts. Magnesium prominently has a whitish-yellow flame.

In contrast, a crash-related petrol-based fire never ignites with such a broad ignition and certainly never exhibits such colors. Note, too, that the parking lot surrounding the region is empty: not a single car is seen in the parking lot, left screen.

Suddenly, as if within second, prop-star-filled cars rush to the scene, including some facing in the opposite direction. They can be seen on the CCTV camera video racing into place just as soon as the explosion occurs, which defies all that was said by PW fraudsters regarding their reaction and response to the ‘crash.’

Too, in the far right top screen in both images there appear to be people working the fake crash site:

Vague images can be seen, including a person in a grey top kneeling down.

Kneeling down like this man, who is using a flame thrower to stoke the fires.

It is a real person. His head can be seen, even his eyes and nose, as he turns away from the source of the fame, shooting it toward the car.

To do so safely many of these pyrotechnic moles wore protective suits, such as this one found in the Walker-Rodas car studio prior to the event:

It was found laying atop a ‘hot’ red sports car, actually, a Carrera GT.

Then, too, it was necessary to make the fake deaths appear real. This is through the use of cadaver dummies. In this case, apparently, inflatable dummies were used, hidden during the preparatory phase in a large red bag:

This image was taken on the morning of the event; without doubt, the red bag contains props which were used in the set-up of the phony deaths.

Walker’s hat was also used as a prop; he was sure to show it off in the preparatory phase. Yet, in the early images posted in this blog, the hat is nowhere to be seen. It does show up, though, eventually:

Clearly and categorically, the hat was placed as a prop at a later time. Moreover, it was laid there nicely and neatly, right on the boundary line.

This acts as hard proof that the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas are a hoax.

Too, as further evidence the moles who have promoted this as a real event have largely gone underground, offering no further comment.

This is a preliminary post and other imagery and descriptions will follow shortly, God willing.