Scary Things Hidden In Pics (That Will Convince People Of The Underworld)

Pictures are taken everyday to capture people’s memories of special events. What if the pictures taken have strange things lurking in the background. This is a more common phenomenon than people may think. This is even more true with the increase of the ability to take a photo anywhere, anytime. Some of these pictures date back to when cameras were first invented, and some are taken with the latest smartphone.

These photos feature some things you wouldn’t expect. A picture of a little girl’s birthday party features a very angry demon lurking in the background. A forest shows living proof of a gnome. These photos are taken everyday, and it’s usually not realized until the person who took the pictures looks through them after the fact. This makes things even more creepy knowing that there was a strange creature present when the photo was taken, and they had no knowledge of it.

If you have a box of old photos, you may want to go through them. You could even just go through the camera roll on your smartphone. You may find something truly creepy lying in the background of your favorite selfie…

In 2005, an overflowed UUM bus was overturned due to the weight of people inside. The bus toppled over into an adjacent river. Several people were injured, and some were taken off to a nearby hospital for treatment. The bus was carrying twenty more people than the legal limit. During the investigation, a reporter took a picture of the accident. The picture seems normal, but if you zoom in to the left side of the photo, you can find something disturbing.

The creature can be seen under the bridge right next to the accident. It looks like some sort of lake monster, or even a ghost of some sort. It has very distinguishable facial features, and seems to be smiling at the camera, as if it knew its picture was being taken. It is said that the people in the area claim to see these types of creatures when tragedy strikes, and sometimes they are the cause of the tragedy. Nobody on the scene claimed to see the demon, and it was only seen after the fact.

A grandmother was taking a picture of her grandson one morning as he was getting dressed for school. According to the woman, the television didn’t operate anymore, and it couldn’t even turn on. She claimed they left it there as a placeholder, until they could get a new one. That being said, if you look at the TV you’ll realize something is happening on it.

An image of a man who is leaning over a backseat can be seen, and it looks as if he’s looking directly at her grandson. The grandmother claims that a couple of years before the picture was taken, her daughter bought the place, and the son wouldn’t sleep in his bedroom, because there was a man who wouldn’t leave him alone. The grandmother brought the picture to her daughter, and asked if she knew anything about it. The daughter believes the picture was taken in her car, but doesn’t know anything about the man.

This picture was taken when a mother and her son shared a bath together. It seems like a cute photo, until something strange is seen around the mother’s shoulder. A mystery hand is present, almost as if there’s another person behind the two off camera. However, this isn’t the case as the mother claims that nobody else was even in the house.

The mom believes that the hand could belong to a woman who used to own the house. It’s said that she took her own life. This happened over a century ago, and the mom didn’t find this out until after the photo was taken, while doing research on her home. The woman who died, apparently had a miscarriage, and couldn’t live with the grief. The creepiest part is that the woman drowned herself in a bathtub…