Kylie Jenner looks glamorous in new ads for Top Shop collaboration… as it’s claimed she was ‘miserable’ at her pink-themed baby shower

Kylie Jenner has a new project to promote.

The 20-year-old star is selling her cosmetics at Top Shop this holiday season.

And in new ads for the collaboration the pinup is seen in closeup shots only, most likely because she is reportedly five months pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby.

This comes just as The Sun reported the reality TV star was ‘miserable’ at her Sunday baby shower.

A source said she was unhappy with her outfit and that her beau Scott could not come because he was on tour, so that put her in a funk.

A pink themed shower was thrown at her Hidden Hills, California mansion with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian in attendance.

Kim had her shower the day before with Chrissy Teigen there as well as her family.

An insider told The Sun: ‘Kim got the VIP treatment for her baby shower, it was naturally an out of this world, no expenses spared celeb packed event with Kim as the star of the show.

‘Kylie’s by contrast took place a day later and was much more low key.

‘Firstly Kylie had to do hers, as part of the TV show – Kylie had her own ideas, she wanted to do a very young, hip and LA type baby shower – in a cool club with all of her friends there, and the opposite of Kim and Khloe’s plans.

‘But she had do it on a certain date for TV scheduling purposes (so they can show the episode before the baby is born) – but after Kim.’

Kris planned it so it would look good on TV, it was claimed.

The source continued: ‘It was a pyjama party in the garden, with all of her friends – organised by the TV producers and her mom Kris.

‘Kris is a producer so was stage managing the episode of the show.

‘Kylie’s friends couldn’t use social media so pics didn’t leak out, and everyone was banned from taking selfies for Snapchat just in case.

‘Kylie didn’t like wearing baggy pyjamas – she’d prefer something sexier or cooler – and of course Travis [Scott, Kylie’s boyfriend and baby daddy] wasn’t there.

‘He’s on tour,’ added the pal.

‘She was upset he couldn’t make it – she knew he’d be on tour, but it’s hard for her. She’d prefer he was by her side. Instead, her best mate Jordan had to step in again.’

The Sun did not say if Kylie’s shower was filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Life Of Kylie.

Last month RadarOnline claimed Kylie;s pregnancy would be the focus of season two of Life Of Kylie.

A second season of Life Of Kylie has not been announced yet.