Here come the girls! Melanie Griffith, 60, and Kris Jenner, 62, look positively ageless in black ensembles at The Disaster Artist premiere

It was a night that called for some glitter.

And Melanie Griffith and her fellow glamour girl Kris Jenner delivered it in spades as they showcased their youthful figures at the Disaster Artist premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The ageless beauties looked like they had been quaffing pints at the Fountain Of Youth before stepping out for their dazzling red carpet appearance.

Working Girl favourite Melanie certainly led the way, showcased her lithe legs in a little black dress and high heels, while roundingf off her look with a fashion forward jacket.

But her reality television personality saucy sidekick, and self-styled ‘momager,’ Kris also strayed into the dark side with her thigh high boots, which she coupled with a black overcoat and Darth Vader-esque gloves.

Melanie recently clarified she had been joking when she said divorce had been a ‘healer’ for her, after revealing she suffered epileptic seizures towards the end of her marriage to Antonio Banderas in 2014.

She said: ‘I was honoured to speak on the panel at the Women’s Brain Health Initiative.

‘We were discussing the stresses we have as women and that marriage, having children, working, not sleeping, aging, and other issues we women all have can be extremely stressful.

‘I joked that my divorce was a real healer for me. I was not putting blame on Antonio and my marriage.

‘I love him and always will. I take personal responsibility for my health and will continue to seek information to better understand my brain and how to stay healthy.’

Melanie is currently single, but she has had relationships with some of the world’s most eligible men over the years.

Last year she said: ‘I’m not really looking (for someone). I’m just being. I figure, if I’m meant to have another relationship, I will.

And if I’m not, then I won’t,’ though she also admitted to being, ‘lonely and bored and confused.’

She started dating Don Johnson when she was just 14, and they married when she turned 18, though they split soon after.

They remarried in 1989, but separated after she fell in love with her married co-star, and future husband, Antonio Banderas.

And their daughter Dakota Johnson, the star of 2015 blockbuster Fifty Shades Of Grey, previously blasted the film industry, accusing it of being ageist towards female actresses.

The 28-year-old is unhappy that her mother and actress grandmother Tippi Hedren, 87, do not get more roles.

Dakota told Vogue: ‘Why isn’t my mother in the movies? She’s an extraordinary actress. Why isn’t my grandmother in the movies? This industry is f***ing brutal.’

Melanie is back on the market after her divorce from Antonio, which the couple said they were doing ‘in a loving and friendly manner,’ was finalised in December 2015.