Kylie Jenner Loves How ‘Independent’ Travis Scott Is — She Was Smothered By Tyga

Kylie Jenner doesn’t get to see too much of BF Travis Scott with him away on tour and she’s just fine with that.

We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how she loves that he’s independent and gives her space.

Allegedly pregnant Kylie Jenner, 20, hasn’t been able to see too much of boyfriend Travis Scott, 25, these days as the rapper has been away touring.

But she’s fine with that as it gives her plenty of time to run her cosmetics company while knowing she still has has a guy out there who totally adores her.

“Kylie loves that Travis gives her space to run her own empire.

While Travis has made it clear to Kylie that he would love for her to travel with him more often, Kylie simply prefers to stay close to home.

She is most comfortable in her home, near her family and friends who keep her company while Travis is away working,” a source close to the reality.

“Kylie likes being independent and the occasional distance between she and Travis keeps things exciting for her…she loves when he gets back into town.

They are secure, have trust, and communicate often,” our insider continues. There’s nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder! Fortunately Travis’ touring schedule will slow down going into 2018, and that’s when the couple are reportedly expecting their first baby.

This romance is a 180 compared to her PDA heavy three-year relationship with Tyga, 27.

The pair were glued at the hip and she was always posting pics to her social media of the couple being super snuggly.

Ky has been much more low key with Travis, even keeping their public dates fairly down-low.

“Kylie’s relationship with Travis is very different, healthier and more mature than what she had with Tyga. Her last boyfriend was more co-dependent which was suffocating for Kylie.

Tyga would not leave Kylie’s side and insisted on knowing her personal business constantly,” our source adds. The former couple broke things off for good last spring and less than a month later Kylie began dating Travis in April and look where they are now!

Still together yet have enough room to focus on both of their super successful careers.

Do you think Travis is a much better fit for Kylie than Tyga ever was?