15 Of The Rarest Pictures Of Paul Walker

“One Day, If speed would kill me, don’t cry because I was smiling” – Paul Walker

Which words to use, I am speechless.

This man named Paul Walker has got something about him that even after he already left us, we can do nothing, but mourn, and miss him.

Born as Paul William Walker IV on September 12, 1973, in Glendale, California, America. Paul Walker was American actor and was famous around the world for the characters that he portrayed on big screen.

YES! that’s our Paul Walker appeared for the first time at the age of 2.

He started his career back in 70’s with this advertisement for Pampers.

He was at the age of 2 when he appeared on TVC for the first time.

His aunt even announced that it’s not a girl in that picture, but our Paul Walker. She even confirmed the news on his fan page.

This picture from his debut film.

#TBT: Can you name the movie this picture is from? Hint: It was one of #PaulWalker’s first films. – #TeamPW

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He looked equally cute in his childhood. This still image from his movie ‘Monster in the Closet’.

He even appeared on some television shows.

Flashing waaay back to PW’s 1985 appearance on a little show called #HighwaytoHeaven! – #TeamPW #fbf

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This still from 1985’s show ‘Highway to heaven’. He throbbed many hearts with this show.

And that sweet girl is his sister Ashlie, 1987.

Paul Walker had star quality since his childhood. He already had some fans and followers by the time he appeared in this show with his sister. The name of the show is ‘I’m Telling’.

Still from 1980’s show ‘Throb.’

#TBT: Can you remember watching #PaulWalker as Jeremy Beatty in the 1980’s TV show #Throb? – #TeamPW

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Can you remember watching Paul Walker as Jeremy Beatty?

Paul Walker in Pleasantville, It was multi-starer movie.

And who doesn’t remember his famous dialogue?
“I don’t know If I ever said this before, but you’re just about the keenest girl in the school.”

He did these three films before Fast and Furious.

After he appeared in movies like Varsity Blues and She’s All That (1999). He did The Skulls Trilogy in the year 2000.

2001 changed his life completely, Paul was never same again.

After failing few times at the screen, Paul Walker was missing a good film and was looking to perform some promising characters.

At that point in 2001, he was selected to play protagonist ‘Brian O’Conner’ undercover cop in the Fast and Furious franchise.

He was very excited and devoted himself to play the character.

“I thought if I got into your good graces, you’d let me keep the car.” #PaulWalker #FastandFurious #TeamPW

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Paul Walker liked the script and devoted himself entirely into that character. His co-star was Vin Diesel, and they later went on to become one of the closest friends for each other.

This film was a huge success commercially.

The first part of the Fast and Furious performed exceptionally everywhere, and the success streak began for Paul Walker. He did almost 7 films of Fast and Furious franchise, and they all broke box-office records film after film.

Paul Walker became the household name.

After the success of Fast and Furious, Paul Walker never looked back. His name became famous and was recognized by almost every person around the world.

We’re not the cast of a film; we’re family!

They were doing film after film together and making them all commercially successful worldwide with their talent.

It’s very often when our friends become our family!

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have worked together in all the franchise of the Fast and Furious.

They shared most of the time on screen in the movies also, and they were able to do it with the passion because they were brothers for life. Vin and Paul loved each other equally and Paul’s death was a trauma for Vin Diesel.

He was also the founder of ROWW.

Paul Walker was also the founder of an organization ‘Reach Out World Wide’ for providing relief help to the areas which are being destroyed by natural disasters. The real hero indeed.

We were helpless when he beckoned us the final goodbye.

“You stole our hearts and returned to the place you belonged, we miss you Walker” – Fans Worldwide

On November 2013, Paul Walker was driving in a car, Carrera GT alongside a friend Roger Rodas.

The car crashed into the concrete lamppost and two trees on Hercules Street. Paul was declared dead on the spot, and the cause of the death was a major trauma, even Roger Rodas was also declared within a few minutes.

Paul will always be missed, and no matter how many franchise Fast and Furious may have, but these films will always be incomplete without him.

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See you again! Tribute to Paul Walker

This beautiful song by Wiz Khalifa was a tribute to Paul Walker. This song was released with his last film that released after his death ‘Fast and Furious 7’.

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