14 Mindblowing Facts About Fast And Furious Series You Probably Didn’t Know

Did you know Fast & Furious is the biggest franchise of all time?

Action movie based on street racing, Fast & Furious has earned more than 3.5 billion dollar in box office worldwide becoming the biggest franchise of all time.

One of the vital stars of the Fast & Furious, Paul Walker died on November 30, 2013 in a car crash. The whole team misses him badly and rest of the world as well.

You Might like these facts on Fast & Furious series!

1. The orange 1993 Toyota Supra goes up for auction. Mecum Auctions will make it available during their Indy 2015 on May 12-17 in Indianapolis.

This car was used throughout the movie.

2. More than 230 cars were destroyed during the filming of all series.

The movie is all about illegal street racing and heists.

3. Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez, two major artists on the series didn’t even have driving licences before the movie’s production.

They sparkled the franchise.

4. Two scripts of Fast & Furious 2 were prepared where one featured Vin Diesel and next didn’t. It was done so in case the actor didn’t return.

5. Paul Walker was not featured in ”Tokyo Drift” which is the lowest-grossing movie in the franchise.

Paul is always remembered for his big contribution in the franchise.

6. The story was firstly inspired by an article named ”Racer X” published in Vibe in 1998 May.

It was written by Ken Li.

7. Real street racers were used for most of the races.

They were the real heroes.

8. During the filming of lots of scenes, the actors did their own stunts.

The stunt scenes are the real treat for all the fans.

9. Paul Walker took his own two cars for Fast & Furious 2.

10. In Toyo Drift, the drifting was real, not animated.

It was the real performances by professional drivers.

11. In 5th series, the casts also didn’t know about the twist ending until they watched the movie in theaters.

Michelle Rodriguez revealed this fact during an interview.

12. Some big stunts went better than expected and planned at the end.

In Fast & Furious 2, the director cancelled the additional takes because the stunts went superbly.

13. Brian O’Conner and Letty Ortiz-Toretto only talk once in the whole franchise.

During Fast & Furious 6, they talked once directly and this was the only time they talked with each other in whole series.

14. In 5th series, during the train stunt, the whole train was about to derailed.

The scene was filmed practically.