Vin Diesel takes break from fighting with The Rock to develop boxing drama

After spending part of the last year or so trading blows with his Fast And Furious compatriot Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—but it’s cool, because it’s just what families made of millionaire movie stars do—Vin Diesel is harnessing his energy for a TV show about pugilists.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has picked up a new boxing drama from Diesel and Mudbound writer Virgil Williams.

It even has the kind of unsubtle title you’d expect from a show executive produced by Vin Diesel: Crushers Club.

The series, which is being written by Williams, a veteran of crime procedurals, is an hourlong drama that centers on “a struggling boxing gym, which serves as a second home for kids in one of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods.”

The gym gets some help from Sonia, “a single mom from the suburbs who has found new purpose in her life,” which presumably involves commuting to the city for something other than the food.

It’s one of three shows under Diesel’s One Race banner, and also the only original property—the other shows under the hood are reboots of Miami Vice (also for NBC) and Get Christie Love for ABC.