Kim Kardashian Has “Allegedly” Decided To Divorce Kanye West

Fresh rumors from online sources claim that reality Tv star Kim Kardashian is planning to divorce her husband, Kanye West.

According to Life & Style magazine, Kanye’s continued erratic behavior and frequent absences following a Nov. 21, 2016, involuntary hospitalization has forced Kim to make the heartbreaking decision to put an end to their marriage.

An insider told Life & Style: “Kim will be filing for divorce from Kanye. It’s officially over. She is ready to move on with her life.”

The source continued: “Kanye thinks he’s being spied on. Kanye will go days without talking to her.

He’s hot and he’s cold. Even their sex life isn’t what it used to be.”

A second source said that before his breakdown, which ended with Kanye handcuffed to a gurney and held at LA’s UCLA Medical Center for eight days, the rapper confided in his wife about his drug use, which included ingesting both liquid and traditional marijuana, among other substances.

Later, in December, she was forced to testify under oath (as part of a nasty legal war between Yeezy and his insurance company over the cancellation of his Saint Pablo tour) about her husband taking Percocet pain pills, which he had a prescription for.

The source adds that “Kim is the only person the doctors would speak with” when Kanye was involuntarily admitted.

While they recommended he “undergo extensive and ongoing therapy” for his psychiatric issues, Kim actually started joining the father of her children at sessions, a friend notes.

“In counseling, they’d discuss Kanye’s different triggers and how Kim can keep him from getting upset at home.”

Though Kim’s rep denies they’re divorcing, life with Kanye has continued to be a struggle.

“They recently had a blowout fight about him spending all his time in the recording studio,” says the first source. “There are days she doesn’t even see him, and he’s not out of the country or even the state — he’s in LA!”

Kanye was behind Kim’s October birthday getaway to the Amangiri resort in Canyon Point, UT, but even that was a bust. Life & Style claims an insider told them.

“It was a lovely gesture,” the insider acknowledges of the adults-only trip.

“(But) the serenity and beauty of the landscape in Utah appeals to Kanye.

Kim was bored out of her mind.” Worse, she was worried they might miss news about baby No. 3.

Their children have been her top priority these days.

“The surrogate’s pregnancy has been normal thus far,” says the insider.

She’s expected to give birth around late December, but even the impending arrival of their new addition isn’t enough to bond the duo.

“(Kim) feels like she’s tried everything.

She’s tired and she’s done with this marriage,” says the source.

“Kanye makes it very difficult for her.

She loves being a mother, but she wants it all, and Kanye can’t give that to her.”

The source adds: “Kim has a lot she still wants to accomplish, and she can’t do that if she feels Kanye is dragging her down.

The last thing she wants is to become this rich, lonely, unhappy housewife, and that’s where her life is headed. Kim definitely wants out of the marriage.”