If you didn’t laugh you’d cry! Frazzled parents share their children’s VERY naughty antics – from covering the whole living room in paint to colouring in the dog


  • Parents from around the world have shared photos of their children’s antics
  • One girl was caught lapping up milk from the floor with the cats
  • Another climbed into the toilet and got stuck, while one coloured in baby’s face
  • A littly boy looked thrilled with himself after smearing white paint everywhere

If you’re a parent, you’re definitely familiar with the phrase ‘You can’t turn your back for a second’, and more so, you know just how true it is.

Frazzled parents from around the world have been sharing photos of their youngsters getting into mischief online, and they make for hilarious viewing – as long as you’re not the one who had to clean up the mess afterwards.

When one little girl spilled some milk and the family cats rushed to lap it up, she took a ‘can’t beat ’em, join ’em approach’.

One cheeky monkey looked far too pleased with himself after covering himself, the entire living room and his younger sibling in white paint.

But another at least had the good sense to look sheepish after going wild with a marker pen and colouring on the wall, himself and the family dog.

No use crying over spilled milk! Just follow the cats’ lead and lap it up instead

Help, I’m stuck! If you must climb into the toilet, at least make sure you can get back out again

I’ve redecorated for you! This little boy looked far too pleased about his efforts to paint everything in sight

Starting them young! This prodigious tech whizz has already mastered multi-tasking

Amidst this scene of toilet paper carnage and smeared lipstick, one doll has about to meet a watery end down the toilet

Oops! At least this little boy seemed to realise the error of his ways after colouring all over himself, the wall and the dog

Pillaging the pantry! This naughty pair decided flower and snacks were much better playthings than toys

Don’t mind us… just casually removing the stuffing from all the sofa cushions for an indoor snow effect

Mini Monet! This youngster was delighted with her artistic prowess, her little sister – not so much

Wigging out! A baby who thought spaghetti looked a lot better on her head than in the bowl

Barbie bootcamp! It looks like this little girl has a future as a fitness instructor ahead

Fridge raider! When the munchies hit hard, then what’s a toddler to do?

One of the artists in this situation seemed to be getting the raw end of the deal

Never mind the Andrex puppy, your toilet roll is clearly not to be left unattended around small children