Like Lucas Black, Brian Tee was around 30 when he played Tokyo’s most notorious teen street racer Takashi, also known as the Drift King.

Even though Takashi got his ass handed to him, he still displayed enough skill to warrant a place on Dom’s team.

With Han gone as the team’s drift expert, why not Takashi?

Everyone loves a good redemption story.

In classic Fast & Furious style, the big baddie in 8 didn’t die.

Charlize Theron’s Cipher is still very much alive, and surely plotting her next act of baddie-ness.

We’re assuming that she will make a return at some point, but we doubt that she’ll be the main villain again.

We’d also like to think they won’t just turn her into a goodie – we’ve had that with Hobbs, Deckard and even Owen (apparently).

Perhaps, Cipher will be kept out of the action for now and make a big return in 10.

She should team up with villains of the past who are still alive: Lance (1), Carter Verone (2), Takashi (3), Braga (4), Kara (7) and Rhodes (8), if Dom didn’t kill him.