‘I get sick if I eat it!’ Kim Kardashian says her diet is now so ‘super healthy’ that she can’t tolerate junk food

From ice cream to churros, Kim Kardashian sure loves her junk food.

Or she did, it turns out.

The reality star has revealed she’s been eating so ‘super healthy’ that her body can no longer tolerate eating ANY junk.

Having grown noticeably more slimmer, toned and radiant over recent months, Kim took to Twitter on Sunday night to answer fans questions about how she did it.

‘I get sick if I eat it!’ Kim Kardashian says her diet is now so ‘super healthy’ that she can’t tolerate junk food; she’s seen demolishing a cheese burger in 2013

Sweet tooth: Kim has always loved a bit of sugar; here she enjoys cotton candy back in 2011

Yummy! Kim’s foodie pal Joanthan Cheban joins Kim in eating a sweet treat this spring, before she embarked on her new clean eating plan

Along with eating well, she explained, she no longer binges.

Asked: ‘When you have cheat days do you go all out or do you just take it easy?’

The mother-of-two replied: ‘Take it easy, it’s not worth it & I get sick now if I eat too much junk.’

As viewers of Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians saw, Kim connected with a new trainer and food coach via Instagram.

New rules: Kim admitted her body can no longer handle junk food

Kim credits this trainer, under the handle @FitGurlMel, with transforming her post-baby body.

While working with Kim is a career-making move – the 37-year-old said the collaboration between the two was just a happy coincidence.

She told fans she was ‘stalking’ on the app when she first saw Mel’s page: ‘She’s a hardcore body builder & has changed my body!’

Asked if the change was hard, Kim replied: ‘Not hard when you want the change bad enough.’

The new look Kim! The mother-of-two is seen at an event in Los Angeles on Friday

Chowing down: On sunday night’s KUWTK Kim was seen eating junk food in one final blow out

And she insisted: ‘You just have to be determined & set your mind to it. I couldn’t do it without Melissa pushing me every day.’

A fan asked Kim, who has previously lost weight via the low carb Atkins Diet, if she was still on Mel’s healthy eating plan.

Said Kim: ‘It’s not a diet but a healthy life style. I’m never deprived just eat super healthy now.’

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