This Photo Of Kendall Jenner And Bella Hadid Having A Massive Argument Is Way Too Real For Anyone With A Best Friend

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid might seem like the most picture perfect pals around, but they shout at each other and fall out – just like you and your BFF.

Case in point is this real life photo of the pair having a blow out argument, which Bella at least sees the funny side of and decided to post to Instagram to commemorate Kendall’s 22nd birthday this week.

“This is a real life picture that @sweetboydaniel took of KJ an I yelling at each other,” Bella captioned the photo, which yep, basically shows the pair shouting right up in each other’s faces.

Luckily the blazing row didn’t last long and the pair are back to being besties, with Bella adding: “We made up five minutes later so it’s all good.”

While there’s no detail on what exactly their barney was all about, we’re guessing it was probably about someone borrowing someone’s Prada and not returning it in perfect condition.

That or who was going to get to sit next to Gigi’s boyfriend Zayn at dinner. Because that is 100% a fight worth having, no?