Overjoyed Tyrese Gibson says Will Smith gave him $5 million to help with legal fees

Tyrese Gibson has taken to social media to thank Will Smith and Jada-Pinkett Smith for sending him millions of dollars and support in the wake of a public meltdown.

The Fast and Furious star has been using social media to share his sorrow over a custody battle for his 10-year-old daughter, and to lambast co-star Dwayne Johnson for planning a spin-off movie.

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Gibson vowed to quit the action franchise last week if Johnson remained in it, and also published an emotional video in which he openly wept over not being able to see his daughter.

In the footage, the 38-year-old actor claimed he was facing financial hardship due to legal costs and bemoaned his “millionaire and billionaire” friends for not coming to his aid.

Now, it seems some of them have.

“Sometimes you just need one phone call. Just know that God is the greatest,” says Gibson on Instagram along with photos of himself and the Smiths.

“Just know that it’s just good to know there’s still some really nice sincere people out here.”

He goes on to call Will his “hero”, adding that he and Jada’s hearts beat for the world.

In a second, since-deleted Instagram post, Gibson said the Smiths had sent him US$5 million and asked him to stay off the internet.

“The Smiths and their whole family has always shown up for the Gibsons”.

Gibson has not taken back his quitting the Fast and Furious franchise if Johnson remains in it, but has posted on social media saying one of the WWE superstar’s associated had called him for a heart-to-heart.

“This will be my last post about [Johnson]. My story will never change. I was never [Johnson’s] co-star,” he says in the Instagram post.

Meanwhile, Fast and Furious patriarch Vin Diesel took to social media recently to announce Fast and Furious 9 has started production, is being directed by Justin Lin and will see the return of star Jordana Brewster.