No Karbs? Kim Kardashian admits junk food now makes her ill after she adopted a ‘really crazy’ new diet

The reality TV star says her healthier lifestyle now means she has a near-zero tolerance for the unhealthier things in life

KIM Kardashian has confessed she gets “ill” when she eats junk food – and it’s all thanks to her new super healthy new lifestyle.

The reality TV star – who with husband Kanye West is expecting her third child via a surrogate – was asked by a fan on Twitter if she goes “all out” on cheat days, or if she takes it easy with her food intake.

Kim is trying her hardest to stay in shape, and admits junk food now makes her feel nasty if she eats too much of it

A fan asked Kim if she goes hard on cheat days

Kim replied to the delighted fan, explaining that she can no longer eat copious amounts of fast food because her body is now used to a more nutritious diet.

She wrote: “Take it easy, it’s not worth it & I get sick now if I eat too much junk.”

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim revealed that she started a new exercise routine along with a “really crazy diet” after she saw unflattering photos of herself in a bikini on the beach.

In the episode, Kim told momager Kris Jenner that wanted to work with Melissa Alcantara, a bodybuilder Kim follows on Instagram.

On last night’s KUWTK, Kim was mortified by recent unflattering photos of her on the beach

Kim said: “I really want to meet up with her and see if she can train me, she can help direct my food and help really get me on an amazing path.

“If I was 10 percent like her it would be life-changing. I’ve gotta have this lifestyle — I’ve gotta try.”

Kim previously revealed that having kids has made it more difficult for her to stick to a healthy diet.

She told People magazine: “I started going to Disneyland and taking my kids and eating Churros and all that really crappy stuff that I love.

“But then you feel so s*** after you eat it, when you’ve been doing so good.”

Kim is abstaining from junk food and eating healthily

Back in 2016, Kim tried the Atkins diet and lost almost 70 pounds.

She said at the time: “I’ve been doing the Atkins diet, which worked for me… this time I think I’m almost at 70 [pounds] down.

“So I’ve recently gone into extra gear, just staying more focused.

“You do get comfortable and then you start to get off track a little bit but I’ve kind of like pumped it up a little bit, just started to stay focused and follow the Atkins diet again. I feel like I lost another last few pounds that I really had to lose so that makes me happy.”

The proof is in the lack of pudding as far as Kim’s concerned