Michelle Rodriguez As Letty Toretto

Like Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez briefly departed the Fast and Furious franchise for a few films during an arguably weaker era of the series. However, she returned with a vengeance in the sixth entry in the franchise, and she has remained by Dom’s side ever since — even through some genuinely bizarre amnesia. She pretty much goes wherever Dom goes, so we can likely expect her to return when the next installment in this franchise returns.

Having said that, there is still definitely a conceivable scenario in which Michelle Rodriguez might walk away from the franchise.

The actress made headlines earlier this year when she called the series out for its lack of representation of female characters, and progress on that front could potentially play a significant role in whether or not she opts to come back. As of right now, it looks like she will return, but there’s a clear pathway to her merely choosing to walk away as well.