Tyga Took Revenge On Kylie Jenner By Releasing Their $ex Tape

Recently, Kylie shocked Tyga by breaking up with him and that too on birthday.

This made Tyga furious and as we know a person can do anything when he is angry, similar thing happened in this case when Tyga posted his $ex tape with his ex, Kylie on his website.

Look, what happened next because of that:

Furious Tyga

The shocking breakup between Kylie and Tyga made him furious. And his ferocity can be realized by his recent actions.

He even uploaded the $ex Tape on his website.

He recently uploaded her $ex tape on his website “tygasworld.com” under the category video but now has been removed.

The video was removed after 30 minutes of upload.

The video starts off with Kylie Jenner playing with herself and then Tyga walking in the room after taking a shower.

She is not the first one of the ‘Kardashian Family’ who has been featured in a $ex tape.

One major company offered Jenner and Tyga $10million for the tape.

To make a sex tape with her much older boyfriend Tyga, the company offered Jenner $10 million, but Kylie rejected the offer, wise move, I guess.