Did You Notice Kim Kardashian In Brassiere At Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Party?

It’s real when Kim is out on the street, she makes sure to turn the heads with her beauty; and recently, she’s been doing it by showing off her derriere.

On November 3rd, 2017, Kim’s fans were enthralled when she came out of her luxury vehicle at Kendall Jenner’s birthday party.

How? Well, she wore a bra as her top, leaving nothing to her fans’ imagination.

Be it on Kendall’s 22nd birthday or outing with family, the Goddess of sheer dress knows it better than anyone else just how to put that cleavage on display.

Have a look!

It all started with the birthday party.

Everyone who attended the party was in a euphoric mood. Kendall turned 22 on November 3rd in 2017. Victoria’s Secret Angel, Kendall, arrived at the party location in a white crop top that was as short as Kim’s brassiere.

Kim wearing bra as a top.

Kim doesn’t know how to look anything less than sexy, and she proved this recently yet again at Kendall Jenner’s 22nd birthday when she appeared at the location for a party in grey thin strap bra.

But is that it? Probably not, Kim has been doing this for a long time now, and we’ve compiled all the best shots of her cleavages, here for you.

Kim Kardashian on the street.

Kim wore sports bra matching with sweatpants while going out with her children North and Saint in California on September 2017.

The reality star Kim in brassiere on Instagram.

Kim wished her Insta followers and fans a very ‘Happy Saturday’ when she shared this photo on September 30, 2017.

Matching the bra with a skirt, only Kim can pull this off.

The reality star matched her white plunging brassiere with a glittering gold and silver split skirt in July 2017.

Can’t get your eyes off her, right?

Let’s be real and agree that Kim has been updating her fashion lately in a way that it has become impossible to ignore her.

Instagram ad.

Kim decided to wear all white brassiere matching with a creamy shade skirt on her Instagram ad for Diclegis, in July 2017.

Kim shared yet another such picture with her daughter.

Kim looked amazing and way too young in this photo which she posted on her social media profile along with her daughter in June 2017.

The reality star, Kim on the streets of NYC.

On this occasion, Kim was spotted wearing a black blazer over her sheer brassiere in the New York City.

Kim Kardashian in 2016.

Kim looked fierce in this blue denim jacket which failed hide her sheer brassiere that showed off way too much skin.


From head to toe, Kim was all black when she matched her dark black bra with a black leather jacket and all black split-skirt paired with a golden necklace.

And this…

Kim wore a brown jacket over her blue matching dress that flaunted too much skin.

Last, but not the least.

Kim flawlessly sported bra as outfits by again matching it with a perfect skirt. So be it Kendall’s birthday or any other occasion, Kim comes up with her idea of fashion and sets the trend.