9 Shocking Reasons Why Kanye West Is Sick Of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been together since 5 years, Kanye and Kim got married in 2014 and had 2 children, North West and Saint West.

The two are happily married and we even get a few glimpses of their married life on the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But if the reports are to be believed, all is not well between the couple.

Kanye West is reportedly sick of Kim Kardashian.

Check out the story below!

1. He is sick of Kim’s cribbing and complaining

Kim’s white girl problems have been getting on Kanye’s nerves lately!

2. Kanye West looking for a one night stand?

Kanye just wanted to “hit it” and dump her when he is done!

3. Kim’s relationship with Beyonce

Beyonce is not on good terms with Kim and doesn’t reply to her text messages!

4. Kanye feels that Kim isn’t good in bed!

Her skills have gone down since her “Home Movie” with Ray-J.

5. Kanye doesn’t want to hear about Kim’s sex tape scandal!

It has been in the news since long. And Kanye is done hearing about it!

6. Kanye believes Kim is talentless!

She is famous just for being famous and Yeezus doesn’t like it!

7. Kim’s getting on Kanye’s nerves!

She calls him hundred times a day!

8. Kim doesn’t understand Kanye’s songs!

She doesn’t get his “deep” and “emotional” lyrics!

9. Kanye hates Kim for being self-absorbed!

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