2 Surprising Things About Jason Statham You Didn’t Know

There are hundreds of stars that dangle in limelight, whom we admire and adore.

Most of those celebrities hide their inspiring stories behind their smiling glamorous faces.

But whether they wish it or not, we get to know about their pasts and their struggles to reach where they are now.

Jason Statham is one of the actors who is known for being a high-action star.

All those action and fight scenes from his movies will make you a fan of his excellent work.

Well, his life wasn’t that much easier as it appears now and we’ll talk about it later in the article.

He has done everything and that’s what made him a real good action hero.

He is fast just like a car. Here are some really shocking facts about his life that will make you curious about him. let’s have a look.

1) He began his career working as a street seller.

He used to work as a street seller with his father in London.

2) He worked as a model before getting into acting.

He didn’t like his smile. This is the reason he was picked by Guy Ritchie because he looked so tough.