Here’s The Reason Why Kim Kardashian And Ray J Will Always Be Linked Together

It probably won’t take a genius to figure out what the reason behind the eternal link that ties Kim and Ray together.

And yet, you probably won’t be able to figure it out as the reason might be hiding in plain sight – or maybe, in a pool of so-many-possible reasons!

After all, Kim has done a lot of things that have stuck with the public and will continue to be so.

But which of these so many incidents does she share with Ray J? Check it out below!

Kim K and Ray J

These two names will always be named in unison because of the infamous adult video they made in 2003.

Kim must have thought that the video was done with, but as it turns out, it was released to the public by Vivid Entertainment in 2007.

Their video even topped Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s adult video..

And that made their video the most popular adult video of all time!

It’s a bestseller

Yes, they are officially the best-selling adult film.

Their advent left the Pamela-Tommy duo in the dust.

Kim has been breaking the internet ever since.

Ray J reaping all the profits?

Reports state that Ray J signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment, and is earning an average of $90k every three months!

A boost in sales…

After Kim ‘broke the internet’ with her photoshoot, sales of the tape went up so much that Ray J earned $50k in just one week.