VIDEO: Was Paul Walker Killed By The Illuminati? This New Theory Suggests That He Was

On November 30, 2013 Fast and Furious star Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident. He was just 40 years old.

To the vast majority of people it seemed like a tragic accident when the Porsche being driven by friend Roger Rodas, 38, swerved out of control and was engulfed in flames, killing them both.

But it seems there are a few people out there that think that there is more to Paul’s death than just an accident.

According to a YouTube video created by The Vigilant Christian, Paul was actually killed by the Illuminati as a ritual blood sacrifice.

An interview with his father shortly after his death revealed that Paul wanted to retire from the entertainment industry with his Dad saying;

„He (Paul) loved the people, not the business.“

So was he killed because he wanted to break away from show business?

The Skull and Bones

The Skull and Bones is a collective of highly powered people, even past presidents, like George Bush, who is next to the clock on the picture below, are part of this elitist crew.

Based at Yale University, once into the group the rewards are limitless. Power, money and highly influential jobs are provided in return for your unquestioning loyalty. They also are said to be members of the New World Order and Illuminati, a collection of people who want to control the world from one central Government.

Paul starred in the movie The Skulls , as a student who is initiated into the group, and of course the secretive bunch were less than happy that a movie was being made, drawing attention to them and their practices.

The theory says that there are clues in the movie of Paul’s demise. For example, he is given a red Porsche by elders in the group, only to die 13 years later in an accident involving a red Porsche.

Also, he passed away 13 years after making the movie all about the Skull and Bones, the number is of great importance within the Illuminati, who believe in Satanic numerology, with 13 having great significance as this is said to be the amount of families that run the world, according to Satanic Bloodlines.

Possible Motives

One of the things that the Illuminati believe is that for the world to thrive, the population must be radically decreased to around 2 billion people, the world population is currently around 7 billion.

Paul did lots of charity work to help those in third world countries, he even started his own charity, Reach Out WorldWide, which has gone on to help lots of people, like those affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal, which took thousands of lives.

By helping to save people and donating money to third world countries, could this have been an excuse for the Illuminati to murder the handsome actor? It is said that they don’t like people who make a difference and make the world a better place, and Paul was very well known for his charity work.

Family Guy Predicted It?

Brian Family Guy
Bizarrely the theory also presents the idea that the cartoon Family Guypredicted Paul’s death, by killing beloved family pet Brian just six days before Paul’s accident. Brian was the name of the character Walker portrayed in the Fast and Furious movies, and the fact that both died in car accidents, seems too much of a coincidence for some people.

The show then introduced new dog Vinny, who’s name is meant to be in reference to Paul’s co-star Vin Diesel.

Predictive programming is a term used for TV shows that predict a future event, Family Guy has done this several times. A new episode was being aired on TV featuring actor and comedian Robin Williams. Peter Griffin, the show’s main character, is given a special power that means everything he touches turns into Robin Williams. It discusses a failed suicide attempt, with news breaking after the show had just finished airing that Williams had just been found dead in his home.

Many also state the Robin Williams was actually a victim of the Illuminati, and he was murdered, but the scene was set up to look like suicide.

Was Paul killed because he wanted to leave Hollywood to bring up his daughter, Meadow? Did he know too much? Or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time and died in a tragic accident?

Really this theory just seems like lots of coincidences. I mean, it’s nice that people try to make some sense of a senseless tragedy. He was loved by millions and for someone to just not be here anymore is horrible, and trying to find ways to justify what happened is a normal human response. But maybe it’s just time to leave him in peace and celebrate his life, rather than dwell on his death.

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