The Fast & Furious series isn’t exactly known for its realistic qualities.

Whether it’s the physics-defying stunts or how Hobbs manages to carry that much baby oil at all times, it would be stupid to focus too much on all the moments that don’t make sense.

But that’s exactly what we’re going to do. These are just some of the moments in the F&F series that just don’t make sense and cause our brains to hurt when we think about them too much.

1. How did Brian become an FBI agent by the time of Fast & Furious?

After the first film, undercover cop Brian (Paul Walker) betrayed his fellow boys in blue by allowing Dom (Vin Diesel) to escape. In doing so, he became something of a fugitive himself.

By the end of 2 Fast 2 Furious, Brian is no longer on the run after taking down drug lord Carter Verone, but he’s still very much a Miami street-racing dude. He’s definitely not a cop.

But fast-forward to fourth movie Fast & Furious, and Brian is now not only on the right side of the law, but he’s an FBI agent. That’s quite the leap after just a couple of years. How the hell did he manage that?

2. The guy who “killed” Letty didn’t actually kill her, whoops

Ah, the classic “Damn, we shouldn’t have killed that character off” problem.

After Vin and the guys realised they wanted Michelle Rodriguez back in the team after Letty died in Fast & Furious, they had to come up with a way of bringing her back from the dead.

So, a little retconning was needed by the time Fast & Furious 6 rolled around.

It turns out she was alive all this time! Not only is this a silly plot twist (if this happened in real life it would have at least made the news), but she just magically got back her memories for no apparent reason at the end of Furious 7.

Why? Don’t worry about it.

Plus, before we found out she had died, we presumed her death was caused by Fast & Furious henchman Fenix Calderon.

Dom assumed this too, and he brutally killed him at the end of the movie.

However, it’s revealed that he actually had a change of heart and shot her burning car to cause an explosion rather than aiming his gun at her.

So, yeah, was Dom a little guilty for doing that?

He let Deckard Shaw into his family for doing a lot worse.

OK, Fenix almost killed Brian too, but still. Justice for Fenix!

3. Why is no-one bothered about Han in Fast & Furious 8?

When Jason Statham’s Deckard first appeared at the end of 6, he is seen murdering Han (Sun Kang) by smashing his car to bits in Tokyo.

In the following film, he proceeds to track down the rest of Dom’s team to avenge their near-killing of his brother Owen (Luke Evans).

However, by the end of 8, he’s completely forgiven and having a barbecue with Dom’s family as if nothing ever happened.

Even with rescuing Dom’s infant son, you’d think they’d be a bit hesitant to just let him into their fold.

At no point in the film is Han’s murder referenced, other than the fact that villain Cipher had turned his brother evil after trying to recruit him first.

Well, the whole Han issue has at least been brought up by the team behind the film.

After fans tweeted ‘#JusticeforHan’ in their thousands, writer Chris Morgan said: “I think you’ll learn a lot more about it, and I don’t know if that hashtag will be the appropriate one to put on it down the road. But I can tell you this: We will definitely be talking more about Han.”

So, is there a chance Han isn’t dead after all?

They’ve already done it with Letty so why not Han? We’re hoping for a Han/Sean team-up in Tokyo in 9.

4. If Tokyo Drift takes place after Fast & Furious 6, how come everything looks so dated?

After F&F bosses wanted to bring back Han for the fourth movie after his death in Tokyo Drift, they didn’t bother doing the whole “amnesia” trick back then.

Instead, they just made a load of prequels so that Han could be part of Dom’s team for as long as possible.

However, this led to a few problems down the line when time finally caught up with them.

Having said that, they went too far. Han ends up moving to Tokyo after the events of 6, and is killed by Deckard.

This means that Tokyo Drift technically takes place in or around the year 2013.

So, how come everyone in Tokyo Drift is using flip phones and other gadgets that are nearly 10 years old? The last time we checked, Tokyo is pretty ahead of the curve with this kind of stuff.

Plus, how come Sean (Lucas Black) has aged about 9 years in between scenes after Dom shows up? There’s some weird timey-wimey voodoo at work here, clearly.

5. How are Dom and Letty such double ‘ard bastards?

We’ll let off Brian for knowing how to handle himself in a gunfight or actual fight, as he was a cop and later an FBI agent. But what about Dom and Letty?

In the first movie, while they’re street smart and can probably handle themselves in a one-on-one fight with someone of similar stature, they’re not exactly Dwayne Johnson.

But as each movie has gone on they, along with the likes of Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris) and Han, have become so adept at fist fights and weapons training that they might as well be James Bond.

Dom actually bests Hobbs (Johnson) in a fight in Fast Five, Letty beats UFC champion Ronda Rousey in 7, and they both know how to handle all the guns in the world by 8.

Dom is so hard, that Cipher decides he’s the only man in the world that can handle stealing a nuclear football from the Russians in broad daylight, Jack Bauer-style.

There must be something in the Los Angeles water.

6. They should all be mega famous worldwide by now

If any of the huge stunts in F&F occurred in real life, it would be a constant news story for weeks. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, there’s no way that any of the explosive events from 4 to 8 wouldn’t be seen by someone.

OK, in 8, Dom’s team does at least briefly make Interpol’s 10 Most Wanted list (well, apart from Roman, who was 11th). But otherwise, these guys should be like the freaking Avengers by now.

They’d be like the action-hero version of when Simon Brodkin does a prank. Every time something weird and explosive happened, everyone would be like, “Oh, is it them again?”

They crashed a supercar through two skyscrapers in Dubai.

They practically destroyed Rio and killed countless cops with a huge safe. They tore up New York with a load of zombie cars. We reckon at least one of these moments would have been a hit on YouTube.

7. How long was that runway in Fast & Furious 6?

In one of the silliest (but most awesome) moments in F&F history, Dom and his crew track down Owen Shaw’s team and stop him flying away by chasing his fleeing plane.

However, the scene goes on for about 13 minutes, so just how long can one runway be at such fast speeds?

The plane lands (which would be around 140mph), and then picks up enough speed to take off again, all on the same runway.

Pilot Ian Hollingworth told the BBC that the cars were travelling at an average speed of 120mph, making that two miles per minute.

Even if some of the action sequences were happening at the same time, the runway would be around 18-20 MILES long. That’s nearly a whole marathon right there.

8. How did Dom organise the Deckard team-up in Fast & Furious 8?

The biggest plot hole of the latest film involves Deckard and his mother Magdalene (Helen Mirren). None of what happened here made any form of sense whatsoever.

Somehow, Dom was able to make contact with Magdalene (who presumably just happened to be in New York at the time), despite being under the watchful eye of Cipher and her goons.

He was then able to somehow give her the God’s Eye device so that she and Deckard could find where Owen was being locked up.

And they were able to come up with the whole plan in the five-minute window Dom had before Cipher knew something was up.

Oh, and he was able to contact that dude from Cuba at the start of the film to park his van where Dom somehow knew it would block the view of an ATM camera from across the street.

Dom is now smarter than James Bond and Jack Bauer combined.

Then, he managed to fake Deckard’s death, and arranged for his old crew buddies Leo and Rico to pretend to be paramedics and pick him up.

After Magdalene informed Deckard of the plan, Deckard was then somehow able to single-handedly break his brother out from jail, all in the space of a few hours.

Even by F&F standards, all this was totally bonkers.

9. What happened to Leon from the first movie?

Considering how important “family” is to Dom, there’s one member from his old crew who has never returned: Leon.

While Vince made a comeback in Fast Five, Leon is the only living member from the team to never have a comeback. Even race wars dude Hector came back for a cameo.

So what happened to him? Well, actor Johnny Strong has his own theory. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he noted how Mia tells Brian that Leon “just showed up one night and never left”, so it’s easy to assume he quit in the same manner.

“As the film progresses, towards the end, there’s a scene where Leon kind of voices his disapproval and he’s shut down by Dom, which showed at this point, Leon is doubting his leader and Dom is losing control over his gang and mission,” Strong said.

“After that, Jesse is killed, Letty and Vince almost die, so I think it’s understood that Leon had had enough of that situation. The heat had become too risky and he didn’t want anything more to do with the gang.”

Maybe now’s the time for a Leon comeback?