What are the chances! Gallery reveals spectacular coincidences including a man whose tummy matches the horizon and strangers wearing EXACTLY the same clothes

  • Gallery of stranger than fiction photos show some very quirky coincidences
  • There’s a sunbather whose tummy is the same shape as the hill beyond him…
  • …and two pairs of identically-dressed commuters who could be twins
  • And a group of golden labradors meet in a park…with no forward planning

Sometimes life pulls surprises that wouldn’t sound plausible if you made them up.

A new gallery of spectacular coincidences includes a man whose rotund belly perfectly mimics the hillside landscape that lies beyond him on the horizon – and a group of women wearing similar jackets and the same blonde hair, all riding the same bus.

And where once you might have struggled to get others to believe that seven identical-looking labradors might serendipitously gather in a park with their respective owners, smart phone cameras don’t lie.

Synergy between man and nature: A rather rotund sunbather matches the horizon beyond him

Near and far: Blue shirts, iphones, spectacles…and a very similar look are captured in this station restaurant shot

Is this the bus for blonde-haired ladies? A snapper catches six women riding the same bus, with the same hairstyle

Got stripes! This selfie captures a group of strangers clearly all enjoying the fashion of black-and-white striped t-shirts

Seeing double…twice! This shot, captured on a subway, sees what looks like two pair of twins sitting next to each other

Other images snapped include a chap taking a selfie of himself wearing a black-and-white striped t-shirt, alongside three other people wearing the same t-shirt.

A doctor’s surgery shot appears to show three ladies all in the same outfit, with purple trousers and a patterned grey t-shirt seemingly the uniform for this particular waiting room.

A subway shot captures what appears to be two pairs of identical twins, standing next to each other, both pairs wearing identical clothing, with identical hair.

Have you met my twin? He’s two rows back…a bearded chap wearing specs finds his mirror image on the same bus ride

White van men! This freeway sees identical vehicles making the same journey

This image captures two ponytailed teens carrying their shoulder bags in exactly thesame way while dressed in black shorts and white blouses…and on their tails are two be-suited women with the same luggage

Spot the difference: there isn’t much to separate these swish black BMWs…just a number

Bald? Check. Blue shirt? Check. Laptop? Check! A trio of men, perfectly spaced, make this shot so much more interesting than it should be

Toy soldiers: A group of army cadets ride the subway…and maintain their strict composure as other passengers take pictures of them

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