Kim Kardashian scrambles to hide her make-up free face after gym workout – proving she’s not quite the reality fan after all

She’s the world’s number one reality TV queen – but it seems Kim Kardashian doesn’t quite like real life reality as much as her fans might think.

Oh, the irony.

After enjoying a good workout at her local gym in Beverly Hills, Kim was seen sat on the pavement outside, presumably waiting for her ride home.

Wearing grey jogging bottoms, a white strappy top – which, might we say, does not look like it would support an apple, let alone her breasts – and a pair of trainers, her hair was scraped back into a bun and it looked like she had decided to give her make-up bag a miss (which is totally understandable, she’s working out, after all).

But as the mum-of-two was seen analysing two green juice bottles, presumably packed full of nutrients and goodness, she looked up and saw a paparazzo taking these very real life pictures of her.

And she didn’t like it.

Clearly unwilling to put her money where her mouth is and show what real life really is like for her, Kim quickly tried to hide her face by holding the two bottles up as a shield.

Realising that wasn’t really working, she then grabbed her handbag and covered her face with that instead. Job done.

While these pretty hilarious pics show her avoiding the reality of her workout look, it is good to see that all of these pap shots of Kim – from being caught in see-through trousers to flashing her nipples (more than once) to feeding the homeless to nonchalantly Christmas tree shopping with a film crew aren’t always set up.

Yep, her momager Kris Jenner clearly didn’t phone the paps and station them outside the gym.

Kim should just count herself lucky that she had a lovely leather handbag to hide her face before too many snaps were taken. After all, who takes a fancy bag like that for a workout?