Paul Walker Fan Shares Photo, Heartwarming Story Of Meeting His ‘Fast And The Furious’ Idol

Paul Walker’s former co-stars, friends and family are not the only ones heartbroken by the news of his tragic death this past weekend. One of Walker’s fans, a Redditor by the user name TunaOnWhite_NoCrust, shared the following photo and touching story of meeting his idol a few months back:

So, he was in town filming Fast 7. They were done filming early and decided to go across the street to grab some drinks at the place my wife works at. She text me immediately because i’m a huge fan of the Fast and Furious movies and of course Paul Walker. Since he was sitting in her section on the patio she had already spoken to him and joked around and was actually flirting with her… until she said she was married.

So, she brings me over to meet him and he sees I have a beer as well and him and his crew that he was with demanded I pull up a chair and sit down with them. He said sorry for trying to flirt with my wife and I told him he gets a pass and joked it off. We sat there for about an hour and he talked a lot about music, he was really into Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones. He asked about places around the city to hang out and see shows. We talked about school and traveling … covered a lot of topics for less than an hour. The conversation was really enjoyable and easy going and to be honest he talked and asked more questions than I did … which was fine with me. Just a really good guy.

He ordered a Corona and I started laughing. We didn’t really talk about the films, but he knew I was a big fan. Paul told me that his daughter was coming in that night to hang out with him. Everyone else in his crew was going out that night, but he seemed more excited about seeing his child then anything else. The next day he was flying back out to California for his Brother’s bachelor party (Could have been Brother-in law? Can’t remember that detail) and they were going deep sea fishing and he was kind of dreading it because he knew they would be hungover from the night before. He was gonna suck it up though and make it a great day. Also, all his friends said he didn’t really drink that much so I guess this was his big weekend.

He was constantly smiling and laughing and just seemed like a really happy and genuine dude. I get people need to be the first to be edgy every time a celebrity dies and make jokes, but I just wanted to share this to remind people he was a real guy with family that he loved a great deal and i’m personally really sad to see him gone.