Kanye allegedly hits teenager who called Kim Kardashian a ‘n-word lover’

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Kanye West has made no secret about how he feels about his future wife and the mother of his child, Kim Kardashian.

He’s professed his love for her in song, on talk shows and even in music videos. And earlier today in Los Angeles, he allegedly got physical with someone in order to defend her honor.

According to E!Online, the hip-hop star was involved in an altercation with a white, male 18-year-old who used vulgar and racially offensive language in reference to Kardashian.

The unidentified teen was reportedly verbally abusing photographers while Kardashian entered a Beverly Hills medical facility for a chiropractic appointment. He allegedly called the waiting paparazzi “fa**ot-a**s ni**ers.”

Kardashian is said to have taken offense (People magazine reports that she said, “That’s not cool”) and the young man in question allegedly proceeded to tell her: “F**k you b*tch. Just trying to help you. Shut up ni**er lover, stupid slut.”

She then reportedly called her fiancé, and when the 18-year-old realized she was on the phone with Kanye he allegedly shouted, “F**k you ni**er.”

When Kanye arrived on the scene he allegedly confronted the teen in the chiropractor’s waiting room and punched him. Witnesses say Kardashian screamed, “We have it on tape.”
Sources say a massage therapist in the office separated the two men. Beverly Hills cops were reportedly called and the 18-year-old said he wanted to press charges.
According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, they are currently investigating a misdemeanor battery incident, with the subject named as Kanye West.
“Kanye was named as a suspect by the victim as well as witnesses. He had left prior to our arrival, and detectives are currently investigating,” Beverly Hills Police Sgt. George DeMarois told the New York Daily News.
TheGrio has reached out to Kanye West’s label, Def Jam, for comment but have not received a response at this time