Paul Walker Autopsy Complete, But Placed On ‘Security Hold’

UPDATE: 1:44 p.m. — Paul Walker’s cause of death has been revealed. He died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.


The autopsy for actor Paul Walker is complete, but it has been “placed on security hold.”

On Tuesday (Dec. 3), TMZ reported the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office completed the autopsies on both Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas, who were killed Saturday (Nov. 30) in a fiery crash in Valencia, Calif. They died after their Porsche Carrera GT crashed into a light pole and burst into flames.

The results of the autopsies, however, will not be released to the public yet.

The case has “been placed on security hold,” Lieutenant Fred Corral told Us Weekly. “No information is to be released on either decedent at this time.”

This lockdown, which may last a few days, is a routine procedure “as a precaution to prevent information being released that had not been confirmed and to allow all media outlets that have requested notification the same opportunity at whatever information is released,” Chief Coroner Craig Harvey explained to E! News.

“These types of cases present real challenges to our staff and we get one chance to get it right,” he added. “There are a series of checks and balances we follow so that our work product is rock solid. We owe that to the families we serve and I know the media wants accurate information.”

An official identification on the remains from the coroner is still pending. The final identification of the bodies did not begin until Tuesday evening, according to the Los Angeles Times, and results will not be revealed until Wednesday (Dec. 4) at the earliest.

Although reports say otherwise, it is still unclear if either Walker or Rodas was driving the vehicle and detectives have yet to determine what caused the crash, the L.A. Times noted. There is “no evidence” of a fluid leak thus far and claims of drag racing are allegedly false.

Video from the crash site, taken by a security camera in the neighborhood, was released Tuesday. It showed that the car carrying Walker and Rodas did not erupt into flames until 60 seconds after hitting the light pole, CNN reported. Officials are looking into how fast the car was going before the accident. The two may have died on impact.