A year after her Paris robbery, Kim Kardashian West falls victim to burglary once again

By Carlin Becker


Just a year after Kim Kardashian West was robbed in Paris, she and husband Kanye West were targeted by burglars yet again.

Two suspects showed up to the couple’s home in California in the earlier hours of Friday morning, and the Los Angeles Police Department was quickly notified of a vehicular theft. According to a witness, one suspect entered and exited the car while the other kept watch from the bushes. The suspect that entered the vehicle reportedly took personal items from the car, but no additional information has been provided.

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“Nothing of Kim or Kanye’s was taken,” a source close to the couple indicated they attempted to steal a cell phone, but were unsuccessful. “Their security handled it. The guy didn’t even make it past the driveway. He was startled by their security, and dropped the phone he was trying to take.”

Licensed and armed security guards drew their guns on one suspect as he entered the bottom of the driveway. However, he fled the scene before the situation escalated.